How can Counselling Change your Life?

  • Feeling that a weight has been lifted by putting things in to a better place

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Being supported and listened to

  • Make sense of the changes you want to make and how you came to be here

  • Feedback and interaction

  • Fresh perspective

  • More patience for yourself; you've done your best with the resources you had

  • Understanding your emotions and how they influence our actions

  • Permission to experience emotions without judgement

  • Saying how you truly feel can lift a burden

  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others

  • Learn to stop regretting the past, worrying about the future and enjoy the present moment.

Contemplating counselling can raise lots of questions and I have answered a few below. There are lots more, of course and I'm be happy to answer them, so get in touch for a chat.

Will I judge you?

As soon as someone walks in to my room I am on their side and invested in where you want to go.  I want the best for you and so I am not going to judge you.

Will I think your problems are trivial?

If something is important to you, it is not trivial.

Will I force you to talk about certain things?

No, I won't. You are asking me to support you, if I tried to force you this damages your trust in me and is counter productive to making progress.  If there is a topic you need to talk about but would like to avoid, just say so and we will work towards it in your time.  Sometimes just admitting you're avoiding something can relieve a bit of pressure.

What happens if you feel emotional?

Let it happen. Lots of people apologise if they cry; there is no shame for experiencing sadness, fear or anger, these emotions are perfectly natural.  So please don't worry about this, I have plenty of tissues.

Will I analyse you?

It sounds cold and clinical which is not at all how I am.  We're looking at different perspectives, exploring the meaning of things, making sense out of what has and is happening.  The key word is WE as we're doing this together.  I can't read your mind but I will have a different insight because I haven't lived your life and that's the great benefit of having me around, I can see things differently and you'll appreciate that.

Will I be offended if you use swear words?

Absolutely not, I want you to be yourself and use your language.

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