The Beginning


Our initial meeting can help us get to know each other a little and you can decide whether you feel comfortable working with me.  During that first session, which will last between 50 minutes to 1.5 hours, we can discuss anything you feel is important to share and may include:


  • Your expectations of me and counselling
  • Goals or outcomes you’d like to work towards
  • Background of past or present relationships
  • Events that you feel have influenced you


However, nothing is off limits so I will be guided by you. 


I work with individuals and couples; the process for couples differs slightly as I would meet both partners in the initial assessment and then separately for one session to give each an opportunity to share their story.  After these two sessions we would all meet together again.  Further individual sessions can be agreed, which will follow the same pattern.


Ongoing Sessions


Usually we would meet weekly, at the same time and day, with the exception of holidays and unexpected events; therefore it is important to think about whether this can be accommodated.  


We can agree to work on a short (12 sessions or less) or a long term basis and we will review periodically to check that this remains suitable. 


Your autonomy is important, therefore I won’t tell you what to do or give advice; together we can explore different perspectives and potential ways forward.  I will listen to you with empathy and without judgement.  There may be silences sometimes, to allow time and space to reflect, however I will not remain silent and cold, I will also talk, ask questions and challenge your thinking, to form a new outlook and evoke change.  We will also smile and laugh together at times.




When we approach the end of our work, we will plan how long we take to do this, reflecting on our beginning, the goals that were set and where we are now. It is important that this doesn’t happen abruptly so that when we say goodbye it feels like the right time.


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