Hi, my name is Ellie, welcome to The Roses.


I provide a warm, empathic, welcoming space, within which you can explore any difficulties, feelings or problems that you are experiencing and which may be impacting your life negatively.


Thinking about having counselling can be a little scary, however the results can be life changing and incredibly positive.


People fear judgement from others and therefore hold on to thoughts and feelings, whereas discussing them with another person helps to make sense of them, which can stop you from feeling stuck and allow you to make progress.  I will listen to you and hear your perspective on things, I may challenge your beliefs and ideas, to consider different viewpoints, which is essential to change, however I will not judge you.


Why 'The Roses'?


A little bit of metaphor; people who come for counselling can feel opposing forces within them as a result of difficulties in relationships, complicated life events and experiences. This can create complex emotions that are overwhelming and cause uncertainty about how to move forward. 


The Union Rose or the Tudor Rose as it’s more commonly known represents a union between these forces. The symbol was originally created by Henry Tudor at the end of the War of the Roses, in which the warring houses of York (represented by the white rose) and Lancaster (represented by the red rose) were joined, bringing stability to England.


Roses symbolise balance, new beginnings and hope; outcomes to aim for during our work together.  The thorns, which may lead you to seek out counselling, signify pain and loss as well as defences, which are employed to help us cope.


We are not born with the knowledge of how to navigate all of these experiences, especially painful ones, which may leave us feeling stuck.  Counselling is a useful tool, providing support, consistency and space to make sense of the thorns in both the past and present.  This insight provides new growth from where we can start to piece together what direction to face in next. 


I work with the following issues:



“When we seek help, people are there to help but you have to take the first step and ask for it.”

Angie Ridings.




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